A very long list of photos taken with my OlympusOM10


There’s an old saying that everyone is very familiar with, “ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that was the case when I came across this old OlympusOM10 that was on the edge of life. Picking it up, I whipped the lens with my shirt and looked through it. I hesitated being reminded of a younger me. At the age of eight I had bought a disposable camera for a school field trip. Exited, I took pictured of everything and as soon as I got home, I went to get them developed. I was destroyed and devastated seeing them. Everyone that could have gone wrong had happened. From motion blur to noise, my pictures were ruined by my own doing. Sixteen years later, now at the age of twenty-four I found myself doubting myself. But what is doubt to the curious adventure? Meaningless. I can’t remember the date but I think its been nearly  half a year that I’ve been photographing and perhaps that why I haven’t been writing as much. (That and my novel). Now having found the time, I write this to tell whoever is reading to venture off into the unknown and find different ways of expression, as human should. Here is a long list of photos I’ve taken with my OlympusOM10. From nature, to portraits, and friends.

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