I was recently a guest on the podcast, “What Are You Reading.” A podcast dedicating to spreading the wonders and power of reading by discussing with interesting local Atlantians and getting to know the books that have had great influences on them and sharing those same books with others. Joined with Tim Rhodes and Ian North, they introduced me after giving a short brief description of what they were currently reading.   “What were some books along the way that were significant to you?” Ian asked. On top of my head I said, “The Things They Carried,” by Tim O’Brien. They nodded there heads and agreed.

“Yea I think so… yea maybe some of it made its way into your book,” Ian suggested. I agreed as it did and so many others writers and philosophies that I somehow managed to stuff into my 215 page novel. Some of it clear as day light and some hidden between the lines. “And yea so I was gonna ask, cause its an obvious question, if Neitzche was somewhere behind the tittle of your book? and why? “Beyond Good and Evil,” was one of his famous works and why the “The” behind, “Beyond The Good and Evil.”

“Thats a good question,” was my respond until coming up with, “maybe because, “the,” sounds a little more intense, more cinematic.” We broke out in laughter. It was true I did add the, “the,” for a more theatrical feel to it but I knew deep down in my sub conscience, I had a more deeper reason.

I had come across Neitzche’s work but never seemed to find the time to read, as I was heavily re-writing and editing my novel. During a fast read and glimpse into his work I came across one of his quotes that shook my very core, my existence, my everything. “What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.” Many can argue its meaning but you can not argue an ideas influence and what it can do to the human spirit. For me, it helped me understand my characters and their desires and the desires of everyday human actions. Human beings are very strange; I think I’ve always said this from time to time and they are. Most of what human’s do and if not everything is done out of love, as do my characters. They, each one of them, act beyond reason and logic and rely on what is right to their understanding. What one understands and grows to love. If that be affection, domination, power, admiration, greed, justice, respect, lust etc. whatever it may be. Whether good or bad, it does not matter to them, it is beyond their  understanding; it is even beyond our understanding. Perhaps why most evil doers never see the wrong in their actions.

Some suggest that Alejandro, a character in my novel, is wicked for killing a teenager and his father but praised for what others could not do and that Persela is a sinner for finding love and affection from someone other than Anthony, her abusive boyfriend. Both ignorant of what they had done, as most of us are when we are pursuing happiness and love. As Neitzche had said, “What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.” So I had named my novel, “Beyond The Good and Evil,” in respects to the ideology that we are in search for love . And the, ” The,” was the staple declaring that in its very core, this is its main subject. I was once told from an old friend that philosophy will always be in need of rewording for future generations to understand.

Below are the links to my first novel, “Beyond The Good And Evil,” as well as a link to the entire podcast with, “What are you reading.”

-Dont’ forget to get your copy of my newly published novel, “Beyond The Good & Evil,” at www.beyondthegoodandevil.com 

– Click here to listen to the entire podcast, “What Are You Reading,” with Ian North and Tim Rhodes and guest, Francisco Dosal.

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