Getting to my novel.

I published my first novel about a year ago and I didn’t keep a journal of my journey of any sort. I wish I had because then I would be able to go back and analyze where I was weak in doing. Now here I am, a year later, preparing to write my next novel and now I’ve decided to welcome anyone willing to join me and my quest. Maybe, this will happen someone whose trying to get into writing their own piece but don’t know how or where to start.

I always knew I was going to write another novel but I honestly didn’t know when it was going to happen and like my last novel it started with a sentence. “Gods amongst us,” this phrase has replayed inside my head over and over for about a month before a character came to life in my head. A story then played out and like the universe, some parts grew and developed as others died out. This is one reason why I don’t write in a notepad or keep a journey, unless it involves dialogue. The best ideas will always stay and the only one I need is how it will all end. That and the book title. I have two so far: “Gods Amongst Us,” and “L’artist.” Two titles that give away two different feelings but both have the same intent. So now with everything in place I can now start my next novel. Now I can get a notepad and write down events and make sure they make sense. Until then, I have to decide between the two titles. Any thoughts? I start writing in the beginning of the upcoming month and I’ve given myself six months to finish a good enough manuscript to give out. Its noting complex like my last novel. My plan is to continue writing these updates weekly even if I don’t add anything to my novel. Novelist aren’t always writing. Sometimes we spend an entire week on one paragraph and other times we may not write anything at all and that why I started this. It may help and encourage more writers.



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