Getting to my novel.

It’s been over a week and few updates have been made to my novel. My main focus right now is how to start. The first sentence and word are important to me. Some of my readers may disagree and suggest that worrying about the little things will make no difference and I would agree if it were the rest of the manuscript but were talking about the beginning sentence. A small detail that will decide whether the reader will continue or not. You’d be surprised how many people decide if their going to read a novel based on the first chapter and even first sentence.  So now the question has been, how to start? Imagery, dialogue, or action. I’ve thought of all the circumstances and I’ve painted different scenarios using all mediums and have finally decided on how to execute the beginning. I think I’ll present my protagonist. This will be the best way to start. I’ve seen others do the complete opposite. They bring the world and the circumstances the character is having to live in before presenting him or her but this is no story about the world but the character and his views on it. I think what I want to do is bring my protagonist to life first before anything else. He will come into existence first and then the world as followed.


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