Getting to my novel.

The following passage is the prologue from my upcoming novel. I honestly had no plan on sharing anything from my second novel but I figured I’d do so for the sake of showing the developing process. As my editor would repeatedly tell me, “does the fallowing passage move the story forwards?” If I would respond with no, she would insist rewriting the passage so that it helps the story develop and if I can’t find an honest reason to keep it, she would heavily suggest getting rid of the passage and at times, even the entire chapter. So what your about to read I am about 80% sure that it will either go under extreme change or it will no longer exist. Oh, and by the way email me or even comment if you have any question and suggestions.


Emiliano was his name or just Mil for short. I never got his last name and I could honestly say he never told anyone; well at least he never told me. It didn’t matter though, because he told me things he never told anyone and that made me different from everyone else. You could even say he loved me because of that but towards everyone else he was secretive. I was at an art show I first met him, he was looking out the window. I walked over. I wanted to see what was out there that was more interesting than the artwork. I looked out. Nothing. A couple of cars passed by before he finally said something. These were the best times to be around Mil. He had this habit of looking out of any window and dazing off. He could stand there for minutes; one time I caught him standing there for half an hour. I never knew what was going on in his head but every time he would break from his trance he would tell you a bit of his past, something he’d heard, or a fun fact. On that day, he looked over at me and said, “I knew this one guy. He was old. He should have retired at his age. He would scrub his hands using gasoline. He told me it was good for the skin.” I pretended to understand and thought about saying something like, “so what do you think of the art show,” but instead I walked away. The moment was so insignificant, but had I known how much larger than life Emiliano was, I would have stayed. 


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