Getting to my novel.

I threw a monkey wrench in my manuscript. The first chapter was coming along great, until I questioned the sequence of events. I replayed the first chapter over and over again. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was off. The human interaction was unrealistically. It read as if two AI were having a conversation. I know its a piece of fiction and some could ask, “how could you tell the difference?” I could. The dialogue was lacking depth. I reworked it until I realized I was getting no where and had to move on. I knew if I continued I’d only do more harm than help. I went ahead and started the second chapter and the same problem occurred. In the second chapter my protagonist is leaving from a night out and heading home. The chapter was moving too fast. I came to the end of it and realized, I hadn’t developed the story to move forward and nor had I helped the reader further understand the protagonist. I stepped away from both, the conclusion to the first chapter, and the entirety of the second one. Sometimes its good to look away, have a long drive and enter this half state of mind where your aware and asleep. It may not help you but they do me great wonders. After meditating, I decided to leave the first chapter. I took him on a detour on the second chapter. Instead of heading straight home, I took him around town to see where he would end up at. He ended up at a breakfast cafe and after paying his tab, he had a smoke. I had just learned that my character smoked. I’m getting somewhere now and this is where I’m at now. Working on my second chapter all while returning to the first. Its tightening up and looking better than before. So I’m happy.


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