Getting to my novel.

I’m starting the third chapter. All is good and so far no issues but I would like to wonder off and talk about writing a novel for a bit. Since I published my first novel. I’ve had a lot of emails, comments, messages, and texts of people suggesting me to read their manuscript and to return some feedback. I scan the manuscript and 99.9% the manuscript is incomplete. If I’m lucky, the piece of literature is half way done but most than likely, is just has a couple of chapters. Sometimes the beginning chapters. Other times, a random paragraph from their story. With so little given, I can’t make an honest opinion and the only feedback I can give is, finish your manuscript! Writers have no idea how much a chapter can and will change by the time they get to their final version and then re-writing and final edits. So before you send anyone a manuscript. Make sure you finish your literary piece or you will be wasting others time. So write! Write until you are finished because no one had ever made an opinion of a film, novel, or play with just the first scene.


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