Getting to my novel.

I’d be lying if I said things were going smoothly. Its nothing I can’t handle or anything out of the ordinary. I’ve just had trouble planning. These kinds of things happen to an artist I feel. One minute an idea is perfect and you plan it out and the execution should not falter but then the idea could come falling about with just a single hiccup. I guess you could say thats whats going on with me. I had a plan and now I’m debating if the story flows. Nonetheless, I am writing. You have to! I really believe that even when nothing is making sense everything will fall into place. Thats what happened in my previous novel and that piece of literature is much more complex than this novel. So I’ll keep writing even if none of it is making sense. I’m sure that near the middle I’ll move some paragraphs around and maybe some chapters and it will all come together smoothly. So thats where I’m at with my novel. Where are you?

Oh, and before I forget don’t forget to keep writing!

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