Getting to my novel.

I’m going to go ahead and write this before I forget like last week. Luckily, unlike last week, where I barely wrote a paragraph, I managed to write close to fifteen- hundred words. It didn’t come easy. I had to get away from the front screen of my laptop and take a drive. If there’s something I’ve learned about getting around writers block is letting go and getting fresh air. I’d be lying if I said I came back and wrote the fifteen- hundred words. I sat down and wrote down all the possible outcomes for the following chapter. I followed through with all of them and saw where they took me. I did that until I found the one that made sense. I’d tell you what it was but that would ruin the plot to my novel and it will give it all away. So you’ll just have to buy a copy when it releases. What I can tell you is how to get around writers block! Get away from your novel. Take a drive or walk in the park. Write down your best ideas and when you get back see where they take you. Before you know it, you’ll be writing and three hours have passed by! That’s what I’ve been up too. I hope I’ve helped you in the bit.

As always don’t forget keep writing!

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