Francisco Dosal discovered the unlimited possibilities in literature at an early age. He grew up emerging himself in all form on genre. After graduating, it was only natural for him to write and publish his first novel, “Beyond The Good and Evil.” Having done this, it enabled him to tell his story as a Mexican immigrant and now DACA recipient to others and inspire those in the Latin community who also dream of one day becoming a published author. He has aired on popular Atlanta podcast, “What are you reading,” as well as had the opportunity to reach out and tell his story in, “Mundo Hispanico.” A newspaper catered to the Latin community. He is currently working on his second novel “L’Artist.” Dosal is partnered with local Atlanta skateboarding Company, Lowkii Board Co. A occupant artist at Goat Farm Arts center where he continues his studies in literature, oil painting, and film photography.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. francisco, i am curious about the image on the front cover of your book, beyond the good and evil. the image of infinity in a circle. it is a tatoo on my back. what does it represent for you? i am at the goat farm as well.

    1. Hey Karen! So a while back I was reading a book called, “the biography of a dangerous idea: zero,” and in it, it talked about void and infinity being the same thing. Hence infinity within a circle. So to me it means that within us all is this infinite power, wisdom, and possibilities. Sorry, I hope I made some sense. I can only explain so much through here.

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