Getting to my novel 7/9/18


Getting to my novel.

Not much is going on. I’m working on bringing in the three first chapters to good terms. I guess I could say that by finishing these three chapters I’d be closing in on the first arc of my novel, the introduction. Its a bit frustrating having to go back. I would like to keep moving forward but I find myself going back and re-writing dialogue or events. Its natural. The more you write the more you learn who your characters really are. For example, I had a character who I’m beginning to learn is better fit with fewer dialogue. Simple, “yea,” and “ah huhs,” suite him better. As for other events. Nothing major has changed. Just simple gestures and reactions. I’m hoping that after I finish polishing up the first three chapter I’ll hav a better understanding in where my protagonist is going.

& remember, keep writing!


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