Getting to my novel 8/13/18


Getting to my novel.

So far so good. I have pretty much the nest two thousand words in my head and all I need to do is get them down on my laptop before they vanish back to where ideas come from. The only down side to getting them written down is the same reason why I’m late to writing this weeks update to, “Getting to my novel.” Life. Life has been getting out of hand. My real job, it not being writing, has been demanding more out of me than usual so when I get home I’m out of energy. It can get rough at times but I make the best I can. Even if I just write for an hour or so it adds up. So if you find yourself in the same kind of situation just know that if you write for at least thirty minutes out of the day, it will all add up by the end of the week. I mean lets be real, as much as we all want to be famously rich writers, we all have a life.


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