Getting to my novel 6/11/18


Getting to my novel.

The prologue and first chapter have been written. I wanna believe that I’m ahead of schedule but I know that the further I get on my novel the more changes and adjustments I’ll make. It’s natural, for example: I had the first chapter planned out yet random characters and odd dialogue have sprung up, unplanned. You go along with it and see where it takes you but always get your character back in track not for the sake of the story line but because your character, like any other character, has a goal and he/she can not stray from it. Other writers ignore these sideshows but I feel that by adding them to the story, it helps create a more authentic world. Not only that but, in my case, the side characters and the event unfolding has helped the transition into the second chapter fall in more smoother than I had planned. So its never a bad idea to see where your writing is headed and if it convoluted you can always delete it. So thats where I’m at. Hopefully I can keep this boat steady and get across the Atlantic ocean without any disruption.


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